GSLB Moves to the Cloud

Server load balancing continues to be a core element of IT infrastructure, even as applications move from traditional data center architectures to the Cloud. There is always a need to intelligently distribute workloads across multiple servers, whether those servers are real or virtual, permanent or ephemeral.

GSLB Cloud White Paper

The Need for Better Global Server Load Balancing

There remains a chronic gap in the ability to reliably distribute workloads across multiple Clouds, multiple data centers and hybrid infrastructures. The result is maldistributed workloads and degraded application performance that could be avoided if workloads were better managed at a global level. 

This white paper reviews:

  • The current state of available GSLB solutions, explaining how they work and their limitations.
  • The core capabilities an enterprise class GSLB solution should have for effectively addressing the limitations of current GSLB methods and solutions.
  • How the Cloud based, managed GSLB capabilities from NS1 prevent workload maldistribution from occurring and deliver better overall application performance.