Traditional DNS no longer meets the needs of modern, distributed applications.

All internet traffic, including mobile internet traffic, depends on DNS, the mechanism for connecting end users to content. The problem AdTech companies run into is traditional DNS has stagnated from an internet traffic routing standpoint.

Until recently, the most sophisticated traffic management solutions on the market were restricted to using geographic data to make routing decisions. This is problematic because the internet does not operate in a vacuum. Outages, network congestion, maintenance requirements and other issues can produce significant latency.

As a direct response, NS1 introduced its DNS-based intelligent traffic management solution, which leverages network, system, and user data to make real-time routing decisions. This meets the demands of AdTech’s stringent reliability and performance requirements.

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DNS is the starting point for almost every website and application, making it the ideal place to automate traffic management decisions. Learn more about NS1's next generation DNS solutions in the Enterprise DNS Guide.

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