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Technical debt sinks real dollars and valuable time into systems that simply weren’t built for the scale and speed required by modern application delivery. They are often rife with security vulnerabilities, lack modern APIs so they are too hard to integrate and automate, or are based on languages or other technology that isn’t well supported. Sticking with outdated technology that delivers average-at-best performance not only consumes valuable budget, it drags down the company’s ability to innovate and stay competitive.

Technical debt carries a huge opportunity cost. But paying down technical debt yields immense dividends for the organization. So it’s no surprise that reducing technical debt is now a C-suite mandate that permeates every level of the IT organization. Being able to quantify its cost, identify some critical technology areas that warrant your team’s attention, and develop clear plans for modernizing without business disruption are critical.

In this NS1 white paper, we look at technical debt in detail, including:

  • Why technical debt is so serious

  • The “last bytes standing” causing technical debt in enterprises

  • The actual and opportunity costs of technical debt

  • Warning signs, and how to identify technical debt

  • Where to start reducing technical debt for the greatest reduction in costs and increase in business velocity

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