Domain Registrations, Delegations, and DNS.

Network outages, more often than not, are the result of human error at some point in the configuration and change management process. Nowhere are those potential errors more visible than when a domain registration or delegation goes awry and erases or limits your online presence.

Best practices designed to greatly reduce the likelihood of a business impacting outage.

Establish & follow best practices in the arena of DNS operations 

Your network issue may not be as visible or as extensive as the 2017 AWS S3 incident; but it will still have an impact on your organization and the only insight you may have is a longer than usual resolution time for your website, or customers complaining they cannot reach your website at all. Understanding the domain registration and delegation process, pitfalls, and areas of potential error will enable your organization to put best practices into place. Establishing and following best practices in the arena of DNS operations and change management is essential to mitigate your risk in this area.